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Education Path

CLiK Trading Education Ltd


We will help you develop a trade plan in a structured approach designed to guide individuals in trading financial assets. It typically includes several key components that help traders make informed decisions and manage risks.

CLiK Trading Education Ltd

Intensive classroom lessons

We believe that a live classroom is the best place to learn. You can focus on the material and ask questions face to face.

These are held in a physical class room environment and we have also included online classes for those that are more remote or prefer to learn in their own environment.

CLiK Trading Education Ltd

Online trading webinars

By becoming a premium member, you gain the opportunity to attend our weekly live webinars, enabling you to enquire about various topics, enhance your knowledge, and actively participate in real-time market simulations.

CLiK Trading Education Ltd

Trade picks

Our instructors will provide trade set ups for educational purposes for our premium members.