Trading from Jiddu Krishnamurti's Teachings


Learn to apply Jiddu Krishnamurti's teachings to trading for profitable returns.

Since beginning of time, Jiddu Krishnamurti's teaching have offered spiritual followers a way to live life - full of awareness and mindfulness. Embedded in this philosophy is insight into the complex intricacies of life chasing filled with fear and apprehension as much as joy and bliss. This article will explore the teachings from one of the world's most renowned philosophers and provide a first-hand look at how to apply them to the modern world of trading.

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Living in Awareness

Living in awareness is a crucial part of successfully trading. The ability to remain measured and comprehend the stock market in a holistic way allows traders to make informed decisions and stay nimble when the market shifts. Utilising the teachings of Krishnamurti, traders can approach the market with clear intention and an understanding of its ebbs and flows. This awareness-based approach will lead to more successful trading.

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The Dualistic Mind

The dualistic mind is often the culprit of emotional trading as it strives for security. Fear and anxiety can interfere with logical decisions and thus create conflict while trading. Krishnamurti elaborated that detachment is the key to success. By accepting that it is not possible to control situations and events, individuals can look at the situation objectively and react accordingly. Through detachment, traders can approach the stock market with a calmer state of mind.

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Fear and Observation

Fear often creeps up in the mind when trading, whether it is a fear of losing money, of making the wrong decision, or of not acting on a change in the stock market. Krishnamurti believed that fear can be observed objectively though he cautioned against the act of suppressing fear. Therefore, his belief that observation and understanding of one's thought process can be transferred whilst trading which will ultimately leads to inner clarity and sharpened intuition.

Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom.

Embracing Jiddu Krishnamurti's teachings can be a powerful tool for transforming the way one trades. Awareness, fearlessness, detachment, and releasing control are tenets of successful trading that allow for an enriched understanding of the stock market and its ebb and flows. Ultimately, it is the intersection of skill and patience with mental and emotional discipline that allows traders to be successful and achieve their financial goals.